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Like I've said in my earlier Hair Care post, I love my hair & love taking care of it. And I love doing the slow motion hair flip Video almost all the time. Just the way the hair falls in a slow motion video it's awesome to see. For that Slow motion video check out … Continue reading Hair Hair Hair


What is Blogging? This is what blogging is according to Wikipedia. A personal website where in an individual records his opinions, his thought, expresses his feeling towards a particular thing. As the blogging world has become more & more popular today we see a ton of people doing various kind of blogs. For example: Food … Continue reading Blogging


When you get called for a food review you do not under any circumstance say NO!! 🙂 So I got called for a Restaurant review by the UAE Food Guide. This restaurant is located in Discovery Gardens, it is a multi cuisine restaurant with 300+ items on the menu. And they wanted us to come … Continue reading SAVIS