Eid 2018

That first sip of coffee in Bed today was Bliss. As I get done with my Coffee & my prayers I head down for some Real Bfst, I can already smell the scrambled eggs & spiced lamb livers being made. But that's not what had got me going all Gaga. It's the smell of Sheerkhurma … Continue reading Eid 2018


My Person

How amazing is it to come across someone with whom you don't have to think twice before saying anything. To whom you can say anything & everything without thinking whether they might get offended or pissed. It's a dream come true to find someone like that isn't it? And just the other day I came … Continue reading My Person


A few days back I got schooled on Perception by someone who I really Value. And below is a caption I wrote for one of my Insta Posts a few months back. At times we get so lost in our own thoughts that we forget to see the other persons point of veiw. When that … Continue reading Perception