My Self Esteem Higher than Your Rent

We all are born with self esteem, but along the way as we grow up it kinda dims down for various reasons. At times we are made to believe that we aren’t worth it by our peer groups most of the times based on our looks. Somebody is short, somebody is too tall, somebody has … Continue reading My Self Esteem Higher than Your Rent


ISHQ Kabhi Ruhaniyat si, Toh Kabhi Inaayat si, Jismein Sukoon bhi hai, Aur Justajoo bhi. Ishq, Love, Mohabbat whatever you call it,they are all the same. The same feeling, the same expectations, all the same. It's a feeling not everyone is ready to believe in, it's a feeling that very few experience it. It's a … Continue reading ISHQ

Short Story

That's a two line story which is the reality of the Modern Day Friendship. The person who once used to be 24/7 on the top list of your Inbox is now lying somewhere in your Archives. Makes sense? You relate to this? Friendships/Relationships are like that Soda Bottle, which have all the Fizz in the … Continue reading Short Story