Mom and her Sari: 1 

Me: mom you have such a beautiful collection of Saris. Why don't you wear them?  Mom: I wore them once and then never really had an occassion to wear them. You can have them. Do something pretty with them.  My mom has a wardrobe full of saris from her wedding time and from all those … Continue reading Mom and her Sari: 1 

The Kurti 

The kurti is an outfit which is loved by all. I am yet to meet one person who doesn't own at least one kurti. Kurti is a top which is generally of knee length or just above the knee length. Initially this was worn just by men, but later became a regular attire for women.  I … Continue reading The Kurti 


One sloppy afternoon at lunch break I decided to cheer myself by heading to the mall next to the office for some window shopping (pfft window shopping.. yeah right) This particular afternoon I was just not feeling it and I decided to wander around the mall and came across Zara, one does not I repeat … Continue reading REVAMPed