It’s Been Long!

It’s been long I wrote something,

It’s been long I poured my feelings out,

It’s been long I let my feelings out,

It’s been long I felt excited over a notification,

It’s just been too long.

This blog site was created just a few months before I filed for my divorce. I made a blog site to solely pour out my feelings coz I won’t have anybody anymore to share my feelings with. To be honest I was alone even before I left my ex. But one always needs an outlet, something to hold onto when they have nobody. So this site was my outlet, this became a place where I think I tried my hands at everything, be it fashion, be it food, be it writing my feelings out, everything.

And then I was introduced to Instagram. Instagram the place where pictures do all the talking. Where writing much wasn’t really needed. All you need is a high quality picture & someone who knows your angles. It’s been good 3 years now, I have found my angle & I have found my niche. But one thing I couldn’t find there was some one who will read my writing, someone who will understand what I pour out. Someone who is as passionate about writing as me.

So here I am, trying my luck again with my WordPress blog. Let’s where this new content ideas that I have take me.

If you are still following me & would love to see where this goes then let’s go on this journey. And if you have unfollowed me coz I wasn’t that active then I hope you find your way back.

Leave a comment below if you like, or just like this post so I know you are in this with me.

Have an awesome Sunday evening.



3 thoughts on “It’s Been Long!

  1. Vincent Ehindero says:

    You know what, I’ve also been through challenges and I must tell you that it’s normal to feel the way you are feeling.

    I think as humans, we all pass through that “dark” side.

    But good news!

    There’s always light at the end of the tunnel.

    And i found that light. And if you wish, I can go with you through the journey of finding your light 💡

    Your smile is my inspiration 💐

    So good to know you. 🤝 You have wonderful potentials. And you are a champion 🥇

    Liked by 2 people

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