Long Lost Friends

Depression: hi I am back, did you miss me?

Anxiety: I am sure she missed us.

Me: no please stay away. I can’t take this again.

It isn’t easy when you are someone who is going through depression & anxiety on a daily basis. When you are someone who keeps getting visited by depression very frequently.

Lately depression & anxiety haven’t left my side. I’m constantly struggling with the thoughts as to where is life taking me. Where exactly am I moving to in life. What’s happening, why are things so blur? And I have no answer to these questions. All I wanna do is, go down in a prayer & cry my heart out.

It isn’t easy for us, who are going through this to smile all day erryday. It isn’t easy for us to keep talking or listening coz our own minds are going through so much. There is this loud noise thumping inside our mind that we can’t hear anything else. Our thoughts have so much grip on us that it’s difficult to concentrate on the worldly things. For that matter it’s hard to even be around our loved ones.

My point is, when someone you know is going through this, be there for them. Show them you are there. Show them they are not alone. We need all the affection, all the affirmations, we need to know that we have someone who we can fall back upon.

And if you can’t be there for them, then at least leave them in peace. Give them their space, let them be, life isn’t easy on anybody. But it’s in our hands how we make it easy for our loved ones.

Depression & Anxiety my long lost friends have come to pay me a visit,

Either be with me, or let me just be!!

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