Short Story

That’s a two line story which is the reality of the Modern Day Friendship.

The person who once used to be 24/7 on the top list of your Inbox is now lying somewhere in your Archives. Makes sense? You relate to this?

Friendships/Relationships are like that Soda Bottle, which have all the Fizz in the beginning but once it Calms down, there is nothing left to say. But that’s the real test of a Relationship, once it calms down. That’s when you will know whether this person is temporary or a forever person.

What happens when one person stops putting in the effort?

What happens when both of them stop putting in the effort?

What happens when you’ve shared everything to this person coz you think they are your forever person, but they, they haven’t shared anything. Coz they probably are using you. Befriending you just for some benefit, just to take advantage of you, just coz you look good on their friends list. Like a Trophy.

The answer to all these What happens is Archives. The person straight goes to my Archives.

It’s not about what you’ve said, it’s about how you’ve said. It’s about your actions. Your behaviors.

I will put in all the Effort all the Love but if you can’t put in even a 0.05% of what I am putting in then sorry sweetheart. It ends here.

Don’t let ppl fool you. Don’t place your Heart in the hand of each & everyone just coz they come across as Sweet.

Be Smart. Use your Archives!

Have a nice day 🙂

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