Eid 2018

That first sip of coffee in Bed today was Bliss.

As I get done with my Coffee & my prayers I head down for some Real Bfst, I can already smell the scrambled eggs & spiced lamb livers being made. But that’s not what had got me going all Gaga. It’s the smell of Sheerkhurma that’s got me all happy & smiley.

Sheerkhurma is one dish that makes every Eid special.

The hall is filled with the smell of Sheerkhurma. And that was the most satisfying thing today in the morning.

As the Cousins start coming in, the House gets all chaotic with the kids & their tantrums & their oh so Kiddy attitude. But hey they are kids, & we shall let the kids be kids & move along 😅

It’s 12:00pm by now & the House has started to smell like Biryani. We can not wait for lunch anymore.

During Lunch, the Biryani pot has been licked clean. Gone in seconds. Eid Biryani is Heavenly. It’s just so different. Tastes “Oh so Heavenly”

Time for one amazing Post Biryani Nap. An afternoon Nap on Eid day is a must. No Eid is complete without a nap post lunch.

The guests start leaving & we are left alone. It’s almost time for dinner. What to order what to order?? That’s a dilemma nobody at the moment wants to think of. But we getting hungry so we gotta call for something.

Finally the call has been made, dinner has been ordered & now for the Wait game. The food finally arrives. And the Puris have oozing Oil coming out of them & the Mutton seekh kebabs got me all teary eyed with their spicy-ness.

Almost done for the day. Heading to bed now, without any more alarms for tomorrow. Without any hassle of tomorrow. Without thinking about waking up.

Sleep & only sleep is on my mind. It’s going to be a Good Good Night 🌙

Eid Mubarak 2018

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