My Person

How amazing is it to come across someone with whom you don’t have to think twice before saying anything. To whom you can say anything & everything without thinking whether they might get offended or pissed.

It’s a dream come true to find someone like that isn’t it?

And just the other day I came across this post on someone’s insta story.

But this also got me thinking, that would we say anything to this particular person, to this “my person” something that they will feel bad about? Or how will we react if this someone “special” says something that we might feel bad about?

If we want to have this someone to not feel bad about what we say, or if we want someone in our lives with whom we wouldn’t have to think before talking then, we too need to be prepared for everything they have to say to us.

We too need to make sure we don’t hurt them with our words. Coz words can at times hurt more than actions.

It’s not a one way street.

Respect, Value & Understanding go both ways.

If I want someone with whom I don’t have to bother about what I say, then I too need to be the same for that person. It’s pretty simple if we put down our egos & start loving with a pure heart ❤️

Did this make sense? I hope it did 🙂

Have a nice evening 😀

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