A few days back I got schooled on Perception by someone who I really Value.

And below is a caption I wrote for one of my Insta Posts a few months back.


At times we get so lost in our own thoughts that we forget to see the other persons point of veiw. When that persons words hit me I realized I am someone who always talks about respecting & valuing other persons views, opinions & thoughts but in the midst of my anger, my frustration, my issues I forgot to see their perspective.

It happens right, you just forget. That made me realize one more thing, are we doing this just for Social Media? Are we doing this just to gain “followers & likes” or do we truly believe in what we put forward here on this platform which reaches a gazillion people.

I for one don’t want to be that person, who is different over Social Media & something else in real.

But then again situations, situations make you behave in a certain way where you come across as someone so different. And that’s where having a control over your emotions comes in the scene.

But then again like I said in my caption,

My Perception may not be the same as You, but that doesn’t mean We Both are wrong or right. It just means we have Our Own Views, Opinions & Thoughts. And as individuals we need to Respect that in order to live in a Peaceful state of Mind

Have a nice Night 🌙

PS this is the picture that had that caption

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