Ramadan 2018

Dear Ramadan,

It was as if we welcomed you just yesterday, & it’s already time for you to leave. This year time flew by so quick. We couldn’t even get to enjoy you properly.

I was 6 when I held my first Ramadan, full 30 days. I had even gotten sick, but mom says I didn’t give in. I didn’t break my fast. Ever since then I’ve never missed a Ramadan.

I was heavily pregnant when you came by in 2011. But I still kept all 30 fasts. That’s how much I Love You. That’s how much I enjoy this month. And it’s already time to bid Farewell.

It’s just 7 days left, you’ll be gone next Thursday. And all I can pray is that when you come next year, you stay for a longer period of time. But most importantly I pray that I am alive to experience you again next year.

May Allah accept every single persons fast. And may he reward all of us with Abundance of Happiness. May This Ramadan with it take away all our darkness & fill our lives with its Light.

Ameen ❤️

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