Glitter in her Veins

Kate Spade

Both December 24-1962

Died June 5-2018

I am not going to talk about her history or her career or dwell into her past, that’s what Wikipedia is for.

What I am going to talk about is how a mental illness can make you take a drastic step that won’t benefit anybody.

She had all the wealth all the status all the money yet she couldn’t buy happiness. Her death is yet another example to the world why we shouldn’t be running behind money. What we should be chasing is Real Happiness. Chase people who feel like Sunshine. Who will make your Life Brighter with their presence. Chase your goals but don’t forget to make a Happy Life.

Through her collection she came across as a colorful person. Through her quotes she gave strength to every Woman who fell weak. But even those quotes couldn’t help her be strong.

At times we forget that people might be writing not to give others strength but maybe at times they are writing because they need that strength the most. By giving strength to others they are in turn trying to make themselves strong.

Mental illness isn’t a joke. Look around your surroundings, look at the people around you. Observe them, their Expressions, their Eyes, stop by & ask people what’s happening in their life. If by any chance you get a feeling that someone isn’t fine, ask them. Make them comfortable so that they start trusting you with their feelings.

One doesn’t always need a therapist. At times having a Friend is all what One NEEDS. Be that Friend & make their life a little easier. You never know Where & How you end up Saving Someone.

Some love you for your bags, some for your accessories, but for me I Love You for Your Quotes. Your words have helped me through in those times where I myself didn’t want to live.

May your Soul Rest In Peace.

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