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Like I’ve said in my earlier Hair Care post, I love my hair & love taking care of it.

And I love doing the slow motion hair flip Video almost all the time. Just the way the hair falls in a slow motion video it’s awesome to see.

For that Slow motion video check out the link below

I keep getting asked a lot about the shampoo I use. So here I thought I will put together a little post on these few products I use for washing & maintain my hair. Wash wise.


– Dove

I’ve been using Dove ever since it got launched. I started using the Intensive rescue shampoo first. As I had a lot of split ends & my hair were damaged. And this helped restore the shine & smoothness to my hair. Not just that I saw a quick growth in my hair too. Now I use their Daily Care shampoo. It’s amazing gives he perfect shine & smoothness to my hair.


I was prescribed this shampoo by my Doctor as I was facing some thinning issue recently. Like I mean seriously I want “thinning” Bear my belly & waist area not my hair. Sigh never mind. So I was facing issues & she prescribed this to me. It’s Devitalized hair cream shampoo. I have an oily scalp so this helps restore the natural oil at the same time takes away any excess oil off. So the days were I feel my hair is very oily I use this.

Thick & Full, Biotin & Collagen Shampoo by OGX

I came across this shampoo in one of my Gym locker room. Was in there after my workout getting into the shower when I noticed this & funnily I thought that the Gym is too kind to keep such products for us to use, so I happily used it. But only to find out that it was in fact the instructors shampoo. I know funny story. But hey I’ve been in Love with it ever since. It definitely gives you thicker & fuller hair. And the hair is more healthier.



I use the Intensive Care conditioner after shampoo. Makes my hair really soft.


I use their Keratin treatment conditioner. It has coconut oil, avocado & cocoa butter, & OMG it smells amazing. It’s like I am using Chocolate for my hair 😍 absolutely love this one.

Over the years I have come to realize that changing shampoos isn’t really that bad. Coz every phase of your hair would need different kind of treatment & Care.

So see what suits you best, try on products which you think will work best for your hair. And always read the bottle through. Don’t just pick it coz the smell is good. Coz your Hair is Your CROWN & you need to take amazing care of it.

I hope this was a good read & you benefit out of this. Have an awesome Monday 🙂

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