13 Reasons Why?? Why??

I’ve just stared watching the second episode of 13 Reasons Why & all that anger all those emotions all that rage that I had while watching the last season, yes all that is back. And I don’t know if it’s a good idea for me to continue watching it but I will. Coz I am a mother of a 6 yr old Girl & this isn’t what I would want her to go through. Not her not anyone.

If I was to go back in time, I would tell you each & every incident which made me feel worthless. Which made me feel that I wasn’t good enough. Where ppl, the so called “school friends” made me feel like an outsider.

Throughout school there were times where I struggled with having friends. Where I kept bouncing between people coz I wasn’t sure if their actions mean they are being good to me or they are just having fun at my expense.

One such incident was this,

Shit had gone down in school we bus mates used to goof up but this time we had goofed up bad so my parents decided that I don’t need school transport anymore & got me on “own transport”. Got a brand new car with a driver. And it’s school it doesn’t take time for news to get around. So a girl in my class( who btw is on FB friends list) asked me something which hurt me then so bad.

She went like

” oh my god I heard you have a Pakistani boyfriend now. Do you like date your driver. Are you an item now.”

Followed by end less laughters from her & the other girls from the class. We were in the 9th grade. I went home & cried. I didn’t want to go with the driver. But I had to & I did.

I didn’t respond to that statement. I sure as hell didn’t cry in front of her. I laughed it off in front of her.

And today when I think of this incident I am glad that girl gave me something to laugh about. But this happens. Bullying happens. Maybe not so aggressively but even something as subtle as this is called bullying. And it isn’t ok.

This whole thing damages a person. Everyone is different. Everybody has a different threshold. And kids of this generation need to understand this. That having fun at somebody’s expense isn’t good. Making someone feel worth less isn’t ok.


Social media is at their disposal. This can either be threatening or can be of use. There are tons of ppl bullying over the internet. Body shaming, subtle abuses. And this won’t change till the ppl don’t realize that it’s wrong what they are doing. You can report a negative comment on social media but how is that going to stop the person behind the screen??

And at a time like this, a Show like this is very important. Not just kids but the parents need to watch it too. Especially watch it with your kid. Keep an eye on their reactions to what’s happening. You’ll come to know a lot more than what you already know.

It’s High Time We Change This Scenario!!!

3 thoughts on “13 Reasons Why?? Why??

  1. ahijablife says:

    Haven’t watched the second season yet.. But when I was watching the 1st season.. I had similar feelings..
    It a high time.. people start to talk about it more openly.

    Liked by 1 person

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