Goodmorning :)

Him: Good Morning 🙂

Me: Morning 🙂

Him: slept well?

Me: yes. How about you?

Him: slept well 🙂 How’s your fast going?

Me: going good. The heat has gotten to me. But it’s going fine.

Alarm- beep beep beep beep beep.

Me: *snoozing the alarm* damn that was some dream.

Why is it that we girls have to dream about this kind of a conversation? Why is it that men can’t hold a conversation when there is no sex involved or when there is no flirtation involved.

Conversations that happen in reality,

Him: Flings are much more easy. I want to become something. I have my passion. I don’t want any hindrance in that.

I have a life I have a passion I have dreams, aspirations what about those? Ask me about my work about my day not what my size is. I am much more than just a 36C.

Yes I have curves, I have a damn good waist line but there is more to me than my curves.

Grow up guys. Grow up. You don’t need to ruin every girl & her expectations just coz you didn’t feel the same as she did.

How about we behave the same? How about we look at you as someone who can only give us Pleasure. A TOY BOY how would you feel? What if for us what matters is how your Ass feels in our hands & not what your brains hold or how smart you are?

And mind you Size does matter. I mean if it’s sex we all are looking for then we out right deserve much more than just a 4 inch. Don’t slide into our DMs with your “Tiger pic” which is all high but in reality you can’t even get it to wake up!!

Please. If you can’t be My Knight in the Shining Armor then you hell don’t deserve to see Me in my black Lacy kinky lingerie.

If you can’t sweep me off the floor with all the love you have for me, then you don’t deserve to thrust me on the kitchen counter.

So Dear Men out there,

Get your act right. A little effort & attention goes a long way. Instead of sliding in our DMs grow some REAL BALLS & be the Man she deserves.

PS get some lessons in how to hold a conversation without flirting or talking about sex.

Have a nice day 🙂

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