Ouzi be oozing


First up Ramadan Kareem. I know it’s too late, but it’s been crazy busy with the preps. Hence the late wish.

It was as if just yday it was the 1st of Jan & here we are already in Ramadan. Time surely goes by very fast.

Like every Ramadan this time too most of the magazines are carrying Ramadan recipes, & I came across this amazing recipe: The Short Ribs Ouzi.

Well, like you can see I have the marination ready already in this picture. But my version has the Lamb. Not the short ribs. As we all love lamb. Also I kinda tweaked the recipe as per the seasonings I had at home. I mean cmon a little extra touch is always needed when it’s me who is cooking.

So let’s dive into the recipe.

Oh my god. My mouth has been watering all this time & I am fasting. Gotta be making this one soonish again.

If you enjoy watching videos then here is a video on how to cook this lamb Ouzi 😋


Try this out & let me know how you liked it.

Happy Eating 😋

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