Lady in Blue

A woman can wear whatever she wants to wear. A woman can dress how ever she wishes to dress. A woman can look as elegant or as casual she wants to.

But nothing, nothing at all beats a Woman in Saree.

Saree is not only Elegant & Classy but it is also Fun. And I absolutely love & adore Saree. Nothing shouts out Elegance & Class the way Saree does.

One can play around with the drapes. Take it around your neck from the back & just leave it in the front. Looks elegant yet casual. And your hands are free to work around.

Or take it around your neck & leave it the back. Again looks classy & fun.

But for me, I love the classic one. Where you drape it over your shoulders & just leave it there. The proper classic traditional style. Love this style over any other style.

But the most important thing about the Saree is it’s Blouse. It can make or break a Saree. Especially the back design of the Blouse. I always make sure that The Blouse & it’s back stand out. Plus a woman looks best when she is walking out, so make that a sexy back. Make it worth the walk.

Coz sitting on the stairs is too mainstream!!

Saree is one of my most favorite attires to design & to wear. But living in a place like Dubai where fashion & trends are kept casual it’s difficult to wear a Saree everyday. But hats off to people who do wear it every single day. Absolutely love the Saree.

Saree: Hayattii by Aisha| Photographer: Sidrah| Location: La Mer Dubai

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