Story of the White Shirt

One white shirt, many ways to wear it. 

I love white and I own a lot of white clothes. Such one white piece that I have is a white silk shirt with an embellished collar. 

Here are three ways I styled it up.

  1. The formal touch

I paired the white shirt with a formal sleeveless jacket/waist coat. A nice abstract print jacket. The colors blend in perfectly. It’s a perfect out fit for brunch meetings. 

2. Super heroes wear Cape

When you feeling like a super hero put on a cape. Or when you have to go for a party straight after work and don’t have time to change, just take off the jacket and put on this dressie cape over the white shirt and you are good to go. Tweak the lipstick add on some heavy earrings and voila you are ready for that party. 

3. The men’s affair

Ok this is my absolute favorite. I paired the white shirt with an over sized men’s leather jacket. I am that one person who loves shopping at the men’s section. Their hoodies their jackets, man I just love them all. And this one way I thought the white shirt would look good. Gives the whole biker chick look. And the brown compliments the white shirt. 

Or then just wear the white shirt on it’s own. Pair them with blue denims and some good formal shoes. 

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