Beauty & the Beast

Hi, I am Belle, I am here to save the Beast.



I literally felt like Belle in this Yellow chiffon dress. And yes You guessed it right, this again is one of my revamped pieces. It used to my Mom’s  Sari. And now its one of my favorite dresses.

I can imagine how this Chiffon Sari would have looked on my mom. That era was all about Saris. There was a movie which had Sridevi (an amazing Indian actress) wearing this exact same yellow sari. My mom is a Diva like that. She has some amazing classic pieces in her treasure chest.


The reason why  I love this one so much is the material. Its a chiffon material, and its soft and light weight. And it has a really good flare to it. And for my any dress that has a lot of flare is a win win.


This is perfect for a day event as well as an evening event. Pair them with some really good earrings and you are good to go.

Like I always say, You don’t like it, ReVamp it!

So, where exactly is the Beast that I am supposed to be Saving?



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