Mom and her Sari: 1 

Me: mom you have such a beautiful collection of Saris. Why don’t you wear them? 
Mom: I wore them once and then never really had an occassion to wear them. You can have them. Do something pretty with them

My mom has a wardrobe full of saris from her wedding time and from all those times that she bought saris to wear at someone’s else’s wedding. And they All are gorgeous. 
And she happily passed them on to me. 

Given that we stay in dubai and don’t really get an opportunity to wear saris often, I decided to redo a few of them as dresses. And believe me they are still beautiful. 

A Sari is approx 7yards so it can easily be turned into a dress with as much flare as you want. 
I picked three saris and one of them was this blue Banaras Sari.

A Banarasi saree is made in Varanasi, which is also called Benares or Banaras. The Sari’s are among the finest Sari’s in India and are known for their gold and silver brocade or zari, fine silk and opulent embroidery.
Material of these particular Sari is Silk. And it is originally from: Varanasi, Azamgarh, Jaunpur, Mirzapur, Bhadohi, Chandauli. This attire usually hails form Uttar Pradesh and it’s a handloom Sari. 

It is usually worn at Ceremonial and festive occasions and is a favorite among the brides and the bridal trousseau.

These Sari’s have a very heavy Pallu, that is the border of a Sari which is more than a yard. That’s where the beauty of a Sari lies. In its Pallu. What I have done here is this that, for the flared part of my dress I have used the Pallu, because of the detailed embroidery work on it. As for the bodice I have used the less done up side in order to balance the dress out. I wanted the focus to be on the bottom of the dress. 

This Sari is one of my mom’s most favorite and she giving this to me and letting me redo this, means a lot to me. This dress is very close to my heart. 

PS: I have always believed in revamping things. Do a thing, pick anything from your wardrobe and give it a new look, re vamp it. Re use it in a different way. It not only saves up but it also makes you test your creativity. So be creative, re vamp something and show me what and how you did it.

Till then keep making chocolate cake with all the lemons that life is throwing at you and make them wonder how you did it. 🙂 

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