Gimme Brows

Heyy are you alright? You look sick. Hope all is good. This is exactly what I would get to hear if I ever walked out of my house without kajal/kohl in my eye. And I am guessing this is what most of the girls went thorough too or still go through. 

All my school and college life, kajal has been my best friend. That was the one thing I wouldn’t leave my house without. 

But over the years this has changed. And very recently I have become obsessed with my eyebrows. I do not, under any circumstance leave my house without doing my brows. 

I use two products for my brows. I first go in with the Gimme Brows by Benefit and then to give it a slightly more darker look I go in with the Bobbi brown eyebrow powder. I like my brows dark. 

This is my Magic Wand.

Another thing that I do for my brows is every time I go for my regular threading sessions I get my brows tinted in black. I do this especially in summers as I tend to sweat a lot. And I like to keep things light on my face during summers. That’s my little summer hack for my brows. 

Also, castor oil is amazing for the brows. I am sure everyone knows this, that castor oil helps in achieving that perfect brow. I have recently started using that. Let’s see how that goes. 

Apparently it works for lashes too. Who doesn’t love some extra long lashes. 

Keeping my fingers crossed. 

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