The Kurti 

The kurti is an outfit which is loved by all. I am yet to meet one person who doesn’t own at least one kurti. Kurti is a top which is generally of knee length or just above the knee length. Initially this was worn just by men, but later became a regular attire for women. 

I have a dedicated section in my closet for kurtis. And here is one such kurti that I love and is my absolute fav. It’s of cotton material with bell sleeves and it’s just above the knee length. 

What I love the most about this is that firstly it’s white and second the print. The print is simple but it gives out such a fun vibe. 

I styled this kurti in three different ways. 

– for a very casual or a day out shopping look I paired it with grey denims. It’s comfy and stylish. I paired them with heels but this would look great with flats or even sneakers.

– For that Thursday getting into the weekend formal attire vibe I styled the kurti with wide leg pants. It gives a good formal vibe at the same time you feel comfy too. 

– This one is my absolute favorite. I paired this with my tulip pants, and I love how the whole traditional yet fun look has come out. I went all out with this one. Gave it a proper Punjabi look by adding some hoop earrings and bangles. 

One kurti, and three different looks. And the kurti looks different each time you pair it with something else. Plus these kurtis are perfect for the Dubai summer. Or any summer for that matter. 

I once came across an article that said,during the hippie movement the kurti became quite popular, as the people chose this attire for its loose and comfortable characteristics, which reflected in their laid back and carefree attitude. 
But today the kurti has evolved so much in order to suit the ever changing demands of the fashion world. And we are not complaining. We love the kurti and we will keep rocking it. 

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