Cheese and Cheetos 

Last Weekend we went to meet SRK the king of Bollywood which was an epic fail, but we didn’t let that hamper our mood or spoil our weekend, we immediately booked ourselves for a movie. But before the movie we had to make our stomachs happy. 

We head towards this place called the hot dog stand at Ibn Batuta Mall and believe me when I say that Hot dogs never tasted this good. We ordered the lunch deal. The Lunch Deal on a weekend how awesome is that! It costs only 35dhs comes with a drink and fries. I know it’s 10dhs higher than any Mcd or kfc out there but hey who can say no to hot dogs. C’mon I personally feel they are much more healthier.

We ordered the Buffalo hot dog, The Mexican and the El diablo. 

The buffalo hot dog is topped with Cheetos two of my favorites together, there full points from my side. 

My brother ordered the El Diablo which is under the chicken section but you can have it in beef as well. He said it was perfect for him. Again full points. The El Diablo are two mini sliders. 

My sister ordered the Mexican, which is the hot dog version of Nachos and she is cray cray behind Nachos, so full points there too. 

Restaurant name: the hot dog stand

Location: Ibn batuta mall Dubai, next to the cinema. Indoor location again gets full points. 

Cost for three: 110 aed 

Would we go back there again: hell yes! 

The Movie we watched: Mubarakan. It’s a Hindi movie and it’s really hilarious. 

PS for all those who don’t know who SRK is well he is the king of Bollywood, the king of romance, Shah Rukh Khan! 

Now that’s SRK. So dreamy!! 

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