Doodles on my Jacket

It was 10:24pm at night I received a message asking “if you like any of the clothes do let me know.”

And I am glad that I followed up with that message because today I am the proud owner of this amazing jacket.

It’s a very  basic straight cut jacket but what sets it apart from most other jackets are its Artistic prints- The Doodles. Credits to the designer for thinking out of the box and coming up with such awesome doodles.



There are many fun and cool ways to style this quirky Jacket, below are a few of my favs

1- Meeting at 4 but date at 6

This jacket goes perfectly with a dress. And its perfect when you have a meeting right before a date.



2- Jumpsuit it

This jacket adds the right amount of oomph to this not so plain jumpsuit.


3- The plain old formal

For those days when your not feeling that great about work, this one will definitely lift up the mood.


4- The T-shirt look with a twist

This pairing is my favorite. Styled this jacket with a white t-shirt and Tulip pants. Perfect for Dubai’s summer and for those days when you want to add a fun factor to your office wear.



Oh wait did I mention who the designer is? No, silly me!

The designer is a very famous RJ over here in Dubai, not just that he also reviews movies and he is an amazing chef and now he has the title of a designer to add to his kitty, his name is Lokesh Dharmani.

You can take a look at his full collection on the link below.



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