Bidding farewell to the most Beautiful month.

It has been a crazy month.

Ramadan, a month where Muslim’s all over the world come together and fast for 30 day’s. This month means a lot for us Muslim’s. This is the month where Allah accepts all our prayers and forgives our sins. And as we bid farewell to this auspicious month, I pray that Allah accepts each and every ones prayers, fasts and forgives all of us. Makes us more punctual in our prayers and strengthens our Faith in him.

This month is also about the food, as much as we don’t want to make it about food, it always comes down to the food no matter what. With people fasting all day one is bound to get cranky, so in order to calm that crankiness down there has to be just the right amount of food on the table and not just right, it also has to be presentable and something innovative if possible. Me and my mom tried our level best and thank fully succeeded as well. But the staple in our household has always been Samosas and Spring Rolls. And we cherish that first bite, when the ketchup dipped tip of the samosa hits, oh man its heaven. *slurp*  And mom makes the best Samosas.


  Heaven in every  bite.



Lotus milk shake, so easy to make and so yummy.



No Iftar would be complete without some cake.

Then we come down to the dress up part of this month, with Ramadan there also comes a lot of invitations for Iftar parties, we get invited we invite people to our house. And one has to look their best. And for me I like to dress in our traditional outfit for such invites, nothing like the traditional way. The drape of the dupatta, the way it falls, the softness of it and the most important part, how modest yet fashionable it looks.

IMG-20170703-WA0007 IMG-20170703-WA0005IMG-20170703-WA0017 IMG-20170703-WA0012 IMG-20170605-WA0000IMG-20170703-WA0009IMG-20170703-WA0010IMG-20170703-WA0014


And finally comes that time which everyone waits for, EID-ul-FITR also known as the festival of breaking the fast. Every Muslim eagerly waits for this time to come, the morning of Eid is the most beautiful morning. One can see people greeting everyone at the mosque after the Eid prayers whether you know them or not. And that’s the most beautiful part of Eid. The wishes and the greetings. We live in a place where there are so many nationalities and people from so many different religions staying together and they all come out to celebrate each and every festival, that’s the beauty of U.A.E and I am glad to call this place HOME.


Just having a Little Cinderella Moment.


No Happieness is complete without her.


Look at that TWIRL.


My Mini Me, having her little Twirl moment.


I also recently got an opportunity to write for an online magazine called Dubai Social Diaries. I covered the different Eid looks one can go for. Here is the link do check it out.

Eid Looks

I hope you’ve had a wonderful Ramadan and even wonderful Eid, now its time to get back to rocking the old basic routine.


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