Why does it get difficult to let go of people who do not care about us? Why do we keep hoping, expecting? Why do we try to defend them? Why do all our thoughts gravitate back to that one person all the time? Why do we want them to think about us as much as we are thinking about them? Why do we always end up wanting someone who probably isn’t good for us, who will never be good for us? Why do we feel that we are not good enough for anybody just because that one person doesn’t respond back? Actions speak louder than words, then why do we ignore their actions and give them a benefit of doubt?

Too many why’s and I do not have any answer. All I know is this that I have come to a point where I have realized that you can not make anybody stay how much ever you want them, if they are not interested they are not going to stay. If you have to force them, then it’s not worth it.

Every time you find yourself asking these question all you have to do is, Take a deep breathe and let it go.

Iam doing it, right about now as I hit that share button.

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