Summer is that You?

It’s surely, definitely, officially Summer season.

And Dubai you really gotta tone that heat down. You are getting hotter day by day. And it’s getting slightly difficult to handle the heat. *phew* Somebody switch that AC on.

So anyhow remember how I spoke about my fav colors for the season in my last post. If you don’t remember then below is the link to refresh your memory.


So I did run down to do some summer shopping and found some really nice fabrics which go well with the season.

Take a look and let me know what you think about them.


IMG_3388  This is a linen mixed with cotton fabric, and it has an amazing fall. I added some Pearl lace on the sleeves. Not right at the end just a little before it. And at the back I added a similar color tone, lace fabric. It’s perfect for a sunny afternoon, casual lunching with the friends.


they go well with white and blue denims.














There is no age limit to have some fun with Balloons.

IMG_3390   This again is a similar fabric, Lined mixed with Cotton. This was a plain fabric, I found this ready made patch work which i got stitched on the top. Its a half button down shirt with slits. The color combination matched too perfectly.


They go amazing with white pants. Iam loving my white pants phase.

IMG_3389 This is a Chiffon material, the colors were just perfect, so earthy. Iam in love with the off shoulder styles but a little too shy show off my shoulders. So I got a lace which covers that much area of the shoulder. It looks more like a funky shoulder pad. I guess.


Again perfect with white pants.

IMG_3392 This is again a Chiffon  fabric. If you see closely even though its a plain solid fabric, its a self design textured fabric. So what I did, I just got this funky looking piece which could pass as a pocket. And well it did turn out pretty nice.


Jumpsuits never go out of style, and for some color I wore this denim heart shaped bag from ALDO. Perfect 

This Jumpsuit I got last year from Bershka and I think Iam never going to stop wearing them. They are so comfortable and so easy. Earlier I used to pair them with tassle kimono and long capes, but its summer and what better way than an over sized shirt to go with this. Super comfy, and super easy.

IMG_3081 This denim dress, I got it made again last year. I found the material at a really good price as it was the last one and they wanted t get it done with. The work that you see that is already in the material so I didn’t have to do much work. It is perfect for lazy summer afternoons.


Iam happy coz Iam a happy Girl. 🙂


BTW Iam still shopping for my summer closet, coz summer is here to stay and one needs a hell lot of outfits. Am I the only one who like changes twice-thrice during summers??

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