One sloppy afternoon at lunch break I decided to cheer myself by heading to the mall next to the office for some window shopping (pfft window shopping.. yeah right)

This particular afternoon I was just not feeling it and I decided to wander around the mall and came across Zara, one does not I repeat DOES NOT just walk past Zara. So I happily walk in side Zara, flip through the stands and pick a few items to try on (and believe me trying on clothes alone is boring)

I picked this off shoulder sky blue color top and picked it up instantly, the other one was a summer button down dress which again was amazing. So just like that the day was saved thanks to Zara.

But the horror was when I got home and re tried the dress on and somehow it just didn’t fit properly, and again my gloomy mood was back on. Sigh so much for spending.

Everytime I opened my wardrobe the dress would peek at me hoping that today it will be the day that I wear her but sigh, I never wore her. Until just sometime back when I decided to Revamp it.

I gave it a whole new look, almost.


So, it was cut in this umbrella pattern which has amazing flare to it. And I got the torso part off and made it into this high wais skirt. I also added this white lace as an extra detailing which gives it a little classy look.



Paired them with my Fav white shirt and voila We are happy again. She and Me.

Its all Good in the Hood. (:

PS: always go with this mantra- Don’t Like it REVAMP it.

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