It’s looking more like Summer already.

Dubai is definitely one hot place, be it the weather, the people or just the vibe.

When it comes to the weather one should be ready for the summer season, no Iam not talking about your body. Go on have that pizza it doesn’t matter. What Iam talking about are the colors for this season.

Spring/Summer is the season for all the bright yet at the same time cool colors.




Below are a few of my Favs from the Pantone Fashion color report.

primrose yellow



Primrose Yellow: This is how Sunshine feels. Perfect summer color

pale dogwood



Pale Dogwood: This is a perfect Pink Glow for a casual day out.

island paradise








Island Paradise: This is how Calm looks as a color. Very calm and just like the name says, Island feel.






Hazelnut: The neutral shade, which goes perfect for a day look as well a night look. It has a very warm vibe to it.



Greenery: Very refreshing color. Its soothing to the eyes and perfectly blends in with the nature the name is perfect for this color.





Flame: This is my personal Fav. Love this color. Love how it is fun yet Flamboyant. Perfect for those days when you want to have a little fun but at the same time be Fierce.





I am heading to do some summer shopping. Summer is here.


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