One tired afternoon

When you get home all tired and drained, all you want is to lay on the couch flat. I don’t even have the strength to walk up the stairs to get to my room.

It was one of these day’s yday and all I wanted something yum to eat and so did my mom. We had couple of burger bun’s remaining from last nights burger party that we had, and what do we do when we have left over bun’s- we make Bun Maska.

What exactly is this Bun Maska?

Bun Maska is a famous Bombay street food, popularized by a host of quaint Irani Cafe’s. There are alot of versions to this, and the following is my version. This is how one of my aunts used to make it. Most of our childhood has gone by eating her comfort food. Food basically runs in our family.

So getting back to Our version of Bun Maska-

(Maska, basically is Butter)

On both sides of the burger buns apply generous amount of Maska like there is no tomorrow. (PS Maska is good for health, do not let someone tell you otherwise.)

The next step is to sprinkle again generous amount of sugar. While you are at this keep a pan, flat pan on the stove, when its hot enough, place the Buns Maska side down on the pan and let it toast. Toast evenly on both the sides.

This right here is Comfort Food. Nothing like some Bun Maska along with some Chai on a tired afternoon.

image2 image1

Happie Feasting.

PS- I used Lurpak Butter. I love Lurpak, nobody makes butter like them. *slurp*

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