200+ Likes please!!

Friend 1: check this person’s insta page out. Every post has at least 200 likes.

Friend 2: show really? wow must be really good and well known and all, lets follow them.

Apparently if you have a certain number of likes you are the most well known person and everyone on this planet wants to follow you.




Do these likes and reactions matter so much? How much do you come to know about a person by a single insta post? Why is it that we define an individuals personality and character by the number of likes on their post? Why are we so bothered by these likes? Why does one spend so much time thinking before posting one post? Adding all the things possible just to increase the likes. We all have gotten so lost in this social media game that we are actually living a virtual life.


There is no issue in posting or sharing things with the world, just don’t let it define you.

Don’t let these likes fool you. Don’t let these likes and reactions validate your existence.  Doesn’t matter who has liked your pic and who hasn’t coz the right people do not need to like your post on the social media platform. The right people will like the actual you not the virtual you!


If likes and followers meant you have a lot of friends and well wishers then unfortunately I am really P.O.O.R in that field. But I have the right people who love me for me and not my posts. And there right there Iam the richest person.

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