Because I Hate L.O.V.E

I asked someone why are they so anti valentine, and their reply was: Because I Hate Love!!

And this disappointed me so much. It got me thinking that is it really that easy to hate on love?

Everyone of us must have had our heart broken at least once in our lifetime, but that one brutal experience can not possibly make you hate Love.

Love is Beautiful. And deep down, that’s the only one thing we all truly yearn for.210072ec2a62184fe00665fe74cfbcbd

Don’t let one bad experience hold you back from loving. Yes its difficult to open up to someone again like that, but that’s not the only kind of love on this planet.

Look around, you will find so many people who love you and who will choose you over and over again.

Love is LOVE, Love come’s in different shapes, sizes and forms.

Love of your parents, love of your siblings, your friends, your kids, your pets and the list goes on.

Don’t let one heart break ruin all this for you.

Embrace L.O.V.E

Because hating Love is easy, but loving it in-spite of all the things you have been through, now that, that is strength.

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