I took a Deep Breath and Let it Go!!

Recently I came across a post which was all about how to get over a heartbreak  for once and for all. And it made me wonder, does that really happen, how does one get over a heart break? Is it that easy?

Is it that easy as falling in love.

Because I haven’t gotten over my heartbreak. And to be very honest I never will get over it, however I have learnt to live with it, I have made peace with it, and successfully blocked it off.


Let it all go, See what stays!!


For all those people out there who think that getting over it will happen let me tell you it might not happen, because it is going to hit you at 3 Am in the night, like a sword piercing through your heart, and you will wake up with tears in your eyes, while you gasp for air. And you won’t be able to do anything about it. You will end up hugging yourself and begging yourself to stop crying, and eventually cry yourself to sleep.

One can do a lot in order to get over it, but this 3 am reality will keep happening if you don’t make peace with it.

Make that heartbreak your strength and move forward, coz that love was exactly what you wanted at one point in your life.

So don’t fret about getting over with it, try to learn how to live with it, try making peace with it. And never ever make the same mistake twice.

20906daf8881bc86ca5a78e991e734b9  never-dull-your-shine-for-somebody-else

You are allowed to cry just like you are allowed to laugh and smile but after that you gotta get up put on your brightest red lipstick and shine on. Coz no idiot is going to dull your shine whatsoever. Just like Kendall say’s it!!


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