Three Musketeers


Rach: You know you are always on my mind. Ask Mudit, Iam so worried about you. After I get married & leave the country who is going to take care of you & stop you from getting into shit & becoming a mess?

Me: then don’t leave me. I will become lonely.

Rach: You come with me. I will take you with me






Mital: The second my wedding dates came out, the first thing that came out of my mouth was- Shit Aisha, what do i do about her.

Me: well

Mital: come with me there, shift with me.

After my family only these two come close to me. The two most important people of my life. More like the two pillar’s of my life without whom my life would have fallen. They make sure that I don’t fall or get myself into a mess. Who in every possible way are making sure that I stay strong.



And these two are leaving me.

One is tying the knot this December where as the other one’s date are being fixed for early 2017.

So basically 2017 is going to be that year for me where I will have to learn to live without them. Learn to stay away from  danger, learn to differentiate between right and wrong without them by my side.




I no more will be able to drive to their house & barge into their rooms and start talking about my life event’s and oh so great life adventures.

There wont be anyone who I can do my sheesha sessions with. TML will highly miss us, especially our DHONI look alike. Also along with me the mashed potatoes and hot sauce will miss you Rach.

But more than the sadness of them leaving me, Iam happy, happy for them, happy about this new chapter they will be starting in their lives. Moreover Happy about the fact that they are Happy.

I will go mad & crazie missing them but as long as I get to see their smiling faces, I shall be able to survive. Also Skype and snap chat might help.





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