Am I enough though



We created you in pairs. That’s what the holy book of Qur’an says. I am not here to question Allah’s book or his writings of the Qur’an. I am just curious, as to what if just what if some of us are not made in pairs?  What if some of us are our own companions? And what if that’s our happily ever after?

Is that enough?

It’s easy saying that I am enough, it’s easy to put that line in a quote but when reality hits, is it easy? Are you enough, are you really enough?

And when I ask that question I don’t ask that in the context of being physical. That’s easy, the being physical part, whats the difficult part is letting some one in, letting them see the actual you, letting your guard down, that is what’s difficult. Letting your guard down, letting someone touch your soul.

Every individual, and I use the word individual because  it isn’t about one particular gender here, it’s about everyone.

Every individual wants that someone who he/she can go to at the end of the day, that someone who will be their rock. Someone who will hold their hand and say you did a great job today and tomorrow will be a new day, and you are going to rock it even better than what you did today.

But the question is, is everybody made in pairs?

Does every individual have someone made for them?

And if not then are you enough?

Do you take this as your happily ever after?

For some odd reason, I am somehow convinced that my pair isn’t made.

Am I enough though?

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