عالية Alia

While getting ready for work today in the morning, I hear my little girl telling me- mamma I don’t want to wake and get out because its warm and cozy in here, is it ok if I just say bye to you from in side the blankie?


I turned around, looked at her, she was all curled up in her blankie and all I could think was to crawl inside the bed with her and cuddle to her and go back to sleep.


This made me realize that life changes after having a kid, after becoming a mother, and it changes for the better. My daughter has made me a better person, she has given a new meaning to my life.She is my strength, she is my inspiration, she motivates me to do better in life. She in all the right ways is LOVE for me. I want to do better in life for her, so one day she will be proud to have me as her mother.


I didn’t know i was capable of so much of love untill she came into my life. She is a blessing in disguise, the most sweetest person, she is beautiful inside out and all I ever want is that she always has this smile on her face, because her smile makes my world HAPPY.



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