The UAE Food Guide

Couple of days back I had the opportunity to meet Shameem, she is the founder of UAE Food guide Page and Group on FB. A very warm and friendly person, and what got us together was the love for food 🙂

Today Iam going to talk about their Page and Group and what activities they do. It is a really fun group filled with people talking about food and the places they love what they like to cook a foodies online destination.


When asked about the Vision this is what Shameem had to say:

It is A platform to speak and share the passion of food, We are a community that seeks to revive the charm of cooking for loved ones. We nurture talented and novice cooks as well as anyone who appreciates a good meal. Our food reviews are honest and real, We like to collaborate with like minded restaurants and chef’s to give a voice to their culinary delights. We believe that food can be a means of communication, to express our selves in a way that is much deeper and more sincere than words. 


They started their journey in 2013, their online and offline activities got a lot of like minded people together, from there they have grown considerably. They started as a FB group which has evolved into a website now, and they have various online activities which go on, some of them are:

Cook along Monday’s 


The hardest part of any household is to think about what to cook, and the women of the house go mad thinking about this, so to make it a little easy for the women (and also some men who follow the page and group) they have come up with this great concept of having anybody from the group coming in a day earlier and sharing a recipe on the group so those who are confused and don’t know what to cook can take a look at the recipe and cook their meal. One day of the week is sorted. And this is not for just one member, any one can post their recipe just make sure you inform Shameem about it. The member posting the recipe has to do a detailed one with pics if possible so its easier for other members to understand how and what should be done. I personally think this is an excellent idea.

Feast along Wednesday’s

Every First Wednesday they have the ceremonial Online Tea party. It’s basically where all the foodies come together to share a cup of tea or coffee, whatever you like. They don’t recommend staying online all day 😛 come in when you are free and then get back to your real deal.



Signature Series

This happen’s every Wednesday, if you are someone who loves to learn new techniques and skills then join them for their series which involves:



  • Aysha cook book: Aysha Nida explores the Malabar cuisine. In the near future they have plans to add more cuisine.
  • Sweet Somethingz: The way to the heart is through the dessert! and Nadia Mushtafa shows you exactly how you can do that. A little special to serve your loved on can be picked up from this series. 21125_201176323339994_1190443321_n
  • Signature series: it’s the next level of cooking, the spark you are missing.


Adda Hunt



No drama, no hospitality, just great food. In this segment, foodies hit the restaurant and take a vow to not talk about anything but food. There are so many restaurants which come up in UAE and it gets difficult to choose so these people make it easy they hit the restaurants find all the amazing places to go to and the next time you go out to eat you know where to look for suggestions.

Food Hunt


The UAEFG Academy

This is still in the pipeline, but at the UAEFG they believe in introducing food early, so this segment is a life skills series for the kids.


The website

The website has a collection of recipes from the foodies around, you can also find some good information on how to maintain your kitchen and equipment’s.



The UAEFG Panel:

Shameem Yusuf (founder) – Her fav quote is 


Leneeza Basheer

Narmeen Haefa

Rasminah Usman


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