Me & Men’s Wear!!

There is something with me and men’s wear. I love men in formal’s, something about the formal wear that makes the men look amazingly Smart & Hot.

So here is a little guide to the formal men’s wear.

  • The Business Suit:

Which ever position you be at, you are going to need a suit that shows you mean business. With the proper cut and a well fitted suit you will not just look your best, but also feel so confident.

Usually this is a Single breasted two button jacket with a 7.3 cm peak lapel. It has a Milanese handmade lapel hole usually the same color as the suit fabric. It has a square pocket inside which is optional. A slightly slanted pockets with ticket pocket. It’s a Drape Cut which gives the appearance of a slimmer silhouette without being tight or restrictive, it has a fuller chest, slim waist line and is slightly flared up at the hip’s. Its’s got a double vent back for a formal look with comfort. It’s got four buttons on sleeve with working cuffs, with pagoda shoulders. The shirt that’s worn with this is usually an English spread collar shirt (7.3cm) with no pockets, plain placket and French cuff sleeves.

peak lapel   single breasted two button jacket

business suit    download

1384628555_1    tie_thumb


  • The Casual Lounge Suit:

This is the suit for you if you want to look Stylish, Dapper at the same time want to be Comfortable. This is a whole new level of smart casual.

This is a one button single breast with patch pockets. 6.3 cm Notch Lapel, with a Milanese lapel hole, color matching inner lining. This suit has a Neapolitan cut for a fuller chest with a slim waist and slim hip line, with a single central vent. It has pleated rope shoulders, and three buttons on sleeve with first button hole and thread color matching inner lining. The shirt worn with this usually is a Chiselled collar with no pocket, single button contoured cuff with box placket.

1443137551440-P-3172656     Center-Vent-Suit-Jacket-

c4acbd12bdfe5bfa8d53d75b0ef55522  69423301_xxl  314066-00-5

  • The Dinner Jacket:

This is usually worn at occasions like black ties, gala dinners and those classy wedding affairs, which demand a little more than an old tux.

This consists of a single-breasted four button scooped waistcoat with a V-cut is a great alternative to suspenders or cummerbunds, with straight pockets. The suit is a one button suit with black satin on front, 1.2 cm black satin pocket setting, 5 cm black satin shawl lapel and a double vent, with three black satin buttons on sleeve. The shirt thats worn with this is a Wingtip collar with no pocket, french sleeve, double round cuffs, box pleated, with black studs matching with cuff-links.

shawl lapel  button_thumb

Black-Dinner-Jacket-Peaked-Lapel-Mens-Tuxedos-Cheap-Mens-Tuxedos-font-b-Grooms-b-font-font PL99-AW15-02c

  • The Wedding Suit:

This Wedding Suit will put all the other suits to shame. Matching linings and all the intricate details make this suit worthy of your most special day. Look and feel like a real groom.

Two button single breasted jacket with 7.3 cm peak lapel. The Milanese lapel hole matching bride’s dress. Hand stitched detailing on collar, lapel and pocket edges. Ticket pocket, slightly slanted pockets. On the back it has a double vent, four buttons sleeve, first button hole and button thread of sleeve matching bride’s dress. If wearing a waist coat, the waist coast with matching four button single breasted waistcoat. The shirt worn with this is a 7.3 cm wide spread collar, no pocket and invisible button panel.

146500_Wedding_Shop_SuitLP_Hero_Mobile  2-button3 wedding-shirt1  tuxedo vest7-Suit-Jacket-sleeve-buttons-5-e1441562425522


A few of my Favorite celebs who look amazing in formal wear are:

David Beckham: this guy has got amazing style, he definitely knows his suits.

Daniel Craig: he isn’t my fav 007 agent but he has style.

Hrithik Roshan: B-towns hottest man, he has style and an amazing body to carry those styles.

Feroz Khan: He used to make one deadly guy with style.

Hope you have enjoyed reading this as much I enjoyed writing this.

Toodles till my next post.

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