Wings Wings Wings!!!!!

I have been meaning to do this review ever since i ate at Buffalo Wild Wings, but couldn’t get around to do it. So here I am.

I Love Wings. And it was an amazing experience at this place.

Situated on the Jumeirah road, its famous for its Buffalo wings and signature sauces. They have 16 sauces and 5 dry ingredients to choose from.

download (15)


We had ordered the 15 pieces boneless buffalo wings( i hate getting my hand dirty, but later saw that they provide with gloves for eating the wings,totally cool) and we got to choose 3 different sauces, divided over 5 pieces. We chose: Hot, Spicy garlic and Buffalo(this is a dry ing) I was all in for trying the Blazing sauce but my brother wasn’t up for it.He and Spicy things don’t go together well! We thoroughly enjoyed our wings. In the beginning we didn’t feel spicy at all, it hit us after sometime, our ears went block when it hit us. My brother then went onto order one of their Beef burgers and I ordered one of their chicken burgers. He enjoyed his burger a lot, mine was a disaster as the patty wasn’t placed properly on the bun, and this is annoying for me as i like my patty tucked in properly, and it was overly saucy. It costed us around 160-180 for two ppl.

IMG_5809  images (13)

But overall it was awesome, I am a big fan of Buffalo wings and also the best part they have Valet. (:

If you still haven’t tried this place out, please do and try the Blazing and let me know how it was.

P.S we were too excited to click pics.

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