Creative experimentation that fragments or rejects the norm.
Avant garde means being at the leading edge or vanguard and is applied to the most advanced, progressive and experimental fashions of the moment and prevents the industry from stagnating. Avant garde fashions that are exhibited on the catwalk are often toned down to create more wearable garments that can be sold in retail stores.  The avant-garde is considered by some to be a hallmark of modernism, as distinct from postmodernism. Many artists have aligned themselves with the avant-garde movement and still continue to do so.

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There are certain details and fashion tips that you need to take into account when experimenting with avant-garde style.

One of the Primary rules of avant-garde is that there is no rule at all. All you need is a good eye for Color combination and Design pairs, this style has all the craziest combo’s.


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Experimenting is another component of avant-garde style. It includes experimenting with fabrics, opting for different types, varying in thickness, texture and overall looks. Pairing of the color’s is very important, these can be created in the most diverse and catchy combo’s achieved. For example pairing of the basic with some super bright color’s like: orange, purple, green, yellow and others.

Accessories also play a very important part in the avant-garde fashion. It is the perfect source for using your imagination and for bringing your creativity to life.

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A few of my top fav Avant garde designers:

John Galliano:

With his fantastical designs, history inspired collections and dedication to the theatrical aspects of fashion, Galliano remains among the most outlandish designers in history.

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Viktor and Rolf:

Comprising one of the fashion’s most avant-garde partnerships, Viktor Horsting and Rolf Snoeren of The Netherlands met at the Arnhem Academy of Art and Design before moving to Paris in 1993 to accost the fashion world, their surrealistic designs and divergent take have made them a design name on the periphery worth knowing.

dzn_Dolls-by-Viktor-Rolf-at-Studio-Job-Gallery-1  images (10)

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Alexander McQueen:

There are few modern designers that are as simultaneously influential and avant-garde as Lee Alexander McQueen.  As one of the iconoclasts of the design world, McQueen was well known and lauded for his invention of the low-rise “bumster” pants and the drama and extravagance of his runway shows.

Bunster-94  Alexander-McQueen-e1398993489855

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Paco Rabanne:

Rabanne did  his first collection, the tongue-in-cheek title 12 Unwearable Dresses in Contemporary Materials in 1965. Using materials like hard plastics, paper and metal for dresses and goggles that gave rise to the modern Space Age look. He is a pioneer in the movement towards modern that was a hallmark of the late 1960’s.

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I pretty much am in Awe of this fashion and styling. Love the Avant- garde fashion. But at the same time am a bit reserved in touching this area. But soon enough will try to get out of the comfort zone.


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