28th November 2015 will be remembered for a lot of reasons but that one reason why it will always be special is because I finally did what i have always wanted to do, launch my own brand. And I got the opportunity through the event Calendar girls, which was held by a dear friend Zareen Khan. 

Calendar girls is about those girls who overcame their battles and became their own Hero. And there wouldn’t have been any better event than this to launch my brand- Hayattii

Hayattii– it means Life, and we at Hayattii believe what George Bernard Shaw said: Life isn’t about finding yourself, Life is about Creating yourself. And that’s what we do Create!

Here is a little sneak peak of the fashion show we did for our launch, hope you guys like it.

IMG_2685IMG_2686IMG_2688IMG_2689IMG_2690IMG_2691IMG_2692IMG_2693IMG_2694IMG_2695IMG_2704IMG_2697IMG_2668IMG_2679 (1)

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