Eating with the Eyes

Ever wondered why our mouth waters while flipping through a culinary magazines or while watching a food show?? The answer is PRESENATTION. The Presentation of a food is what makes our mouth water. If you’ve ever watched any food show or Masterchef series you will know that how important is the Presentation or plating up of a dish. And that’s exactly what I will be talking about in my post today!!

Food Presentation/plating up of a dish is as essential to the dish as its taste & flavor. The way the dish looks on the plate is what tempts us. It can either make or break a dish. If done right it can turn any party into a big success. Here are a few tips or few things that I keep in mind while plating up my dishes at home.

  1. Do your presentation depending on what occasion it is & what kind of dish you have prepared and for who. For example: If the dish is to be served to kids then the presentation should be done accordingly to the preference of the kids. Kids prefer FUN things so the plate should be fun rather than a traditional way.    
  2. The Main Attraction on the platter may be the highest element or the voluminous element of the dish. For a main dish, the main attraction would ideally be the piece of Meat or Fish. Whatever be the attraction, it should be accessible & the dish shouldn’t get disturbed while reaching out for the main dish.     
  3. Colors, Flavors & Textures- these three things should be kept in mind while plating up a dish. Colors can either make a dish appealing or can just make it blah. So choose colorful veggies to give a oomph to the dish. Flavors can be combined by plating up the dishes closely to each other. Texture of a dish can help you plate up the dish really well. Make sure the texture of the base is strong enough to hold your dish.     
  4. Decoration & Garnishing- The decoration & garnishing must be edible & in proper proportion to the dish. Not to less & not too much. Just Perfect.  

These are a few things I keep in mind while plating my dishes. So next time at a dinner party or even if its just the family eating together make sure that not just the taste but the visual is as appealing as the taste because no matter how delicious a dish maybe, if its served in a shabby manner nobody is going to feel like eating it.
Happy Plating up!!  😊
P.S. if you have enjoyed reading my blog do show some love and comment below. And if you think I need to improve on my writing then do share your thoughts & let me know. Thank you
Love, Aishalia 😘

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