Gearing up for Back to School! 

Beautiful Sunday afternoon!! First day of the week usually goes Boring & dull! I mean who wants to work after an amazing weekend! Well the same goes for the kids who will be joining school after this awesome summer vacation! Some of them will be joining the same school but of course a new class with a new academic year in front of them. And some of the kids will be going to an entirely new school or going to school for the very first time. 
I was at the mall the other day & there wasn’t a single store that didn’t have back to school hoardings. There were parents with kids deciding what bag packs should be taken what lunch boxes should be picked. And being a mother whose child will be going to school too, I understand the feeling.

At times these long summer vacations do turn the kids & the parents in a very lazy & laid back zone, with no or very less school routines & when the time comes it gets very difficult to get back in the old routine. So I thought of sharing a few tips that I use to get back in routine.


  • Setting up Bed times– Its very important that we get the bed times back on track. A week before school starts, get them into their routine. Have dinners early so after dinner you & your kid gets some time to spend as a family. Have a pre bed story time which will help them slip into a goodnights sleep. They might be up early the next day but that’s ok for the both of you, as long as you don’t have to go through a cranky & messed up first day of school.  


  • Shopping-Yes you read that right SHOPPING. Every new academic year calls for everything new. As a kid I too remember demanding a whole lot of new things for every new academic year so its fair if my kid too asks for the same. And this will also put them in the school mode. Shopping bag packs, lunch boxes, bottles, uniforms, shoes, stationery etc. etc. And kids love shopping. This will make them look forward for the first day of school.


  • Planner– Sit down with your kids & pre plan the entire day. Breakfasts, lunches, dinners, nap time, play time etc. etc. this will keep you & the kids in sync. Make a time table of each and every activity and place them in a place where you both have an access to. And smaller versions of the time table can be stuck to the inside of your wardrobes so nobody misses anything. Plan breakfasts ahead of time so you don’t have to rush in the mornings. And while packing breakfasts do a pre prep for lunch. Pre plan all the meals in order to spend some time with kids & not get stuck in the kitchen. Dedicate at least an hour or half as nap time because an afternoon nap is always important, they can recharge themselves for the evening & not be cranky for other extra curricular activities. 


    These are a few thing I follow before the school starts. Iam sure all of the other parents have their own tips that they follow. In all of this, what’s more important is this that your kids ENJOY each & every second of their last week of vacation as well as be excited about the new year at school. Iam sure its a mixed feeling for us parents, sad because kids are going to go to school and the house is going to feel empty, but at the same time iam sure you will be happy as well to have your mornings back to yourself again. 🙂

    All the Best to all the kids going back to school & to all the parents. 🙂

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