The Masala Myth!!

The aroma of home cooked food as soon as you open your eyes especially on a weekend, is Bliss. I still remember waking up on Fridays to my moms amazing Biryani aroma. That would be the first sign of the beginning of the weekend.


As I grew up I started to think that OMG cooking is so difficult & such a lengthy process, as my mom would be in the kitchen always. But things turned out to be different when I started this awesome journey of cooking. I discovered this whole new world of the pre-mix Masala(spices/flavorings) which the supermarkets had to offer. As a beginner, I felt this is a very good idea & this small decision of using these Masala’s has made me fall in love with cooking.

But there a lot of people who look down upon the people who use these Masala’s. they even make you feel guilty for using them. I myself have experienced that and let me tell you its not a good feeling.

  • Why are so many people against them?


  • Are they so bad?
  • Are they not safe?
  • Are they harmful?

The answer is NO!!

I don’t see anything wrong in using them. Dishes made by using these Masala’s are as good as the dishes made by scratch. And in this busy world, there is no harm if we take a little help from these pre-mix Masala.


Advantages of using these Masala’s

  • Helps you cook faster
  • No hassle of spending one full day in making home made masala’s
  • Goodfor beginners
  • You can buy a whole months stock and keep it, it doesn’t go bad
  • Taste amazingly good

The new generation is more inclined towards doing things which are Fast & Easy, so they have time for other things & there isn’t anything wrong in it.


I love using these Masala’s and pre packed curry & sauce packets. My life has become easy with these by my side. And after you get pro in using them, you can experiment & play around with these Masala’s & get creative.


So go ahead & don’t feel guilty using pre packed Masala & sauces. YOU are doing a great deal by standing in the kitchen & whopping an awesome meal for your family & loved ones, so do what best suits you!!

Cooking is a form of LOVE, let that Love flow!!



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